Monday, October 31, 2011

Me and Bloggy !!!!

Dear Bloggers..

Picture tell us a thousand words. Maybe you could tell me what this picture means to me?

the girl with the camera. Picture. Tell us a thousand words. One picture can tell how the person feel and so forth. Amazing right? How this picture are made? Yes. By camera.

Ohh.. aku harap sangat aku akan dapat camera just like the one the girl have. 

Who is me?


:: Little Momo ::

:: Sarawakian ::

:: Still young but let it be a secret:)  ::

:: Prefer to be a silent person who love to watch people around me ::

:: also a japanese lover::

aku dah lamak dah buat blog but this time, aku harap aku dapat kekalkan blog yang sedia ada  and i will try the best i can to get readers to read what i see and learn..:)

maafkan aku sekiranya ada banyak cacat cela daripada blog aku.. kamek tok budak baru belajar bah. 

Lastly aku harap kitakorang enjoys membaca entry-entry aku ok?

do please leave a comment so that i will visit back your blog soon..
thank you readers sekalian alam..:))

Maafkan Penggunaan Kata 'Aku' Pada Mereka Yang Lebih Berumur