Tuesday, September 16, 2014

waiting and come back

assalammualaikum and hai..

it's been so long that i not posting to this old dusting rusting blog. so much things happen lately. and since that, i just do not know where i should myself with. and yes, active again in the blog is the only reason i can forget what happen to me today.

im falling into pieces. like glasses breaking up to pieces.

what i should suppose to do?

jika dia jodoh awak, dia akan datang balik.

tuhan akan temukan awak dengan jodoh awak jika dia tahu awak bersedia untuk memikul tanggungjawab sebagai seorang suami/isteri.

jodoh tak datang kalau tak dicari.

fed up!

seriously. fed up. 

"eh, ko dah ada keja, bila gik ko mok nikah? boh nunggu lamak gilak bah?" 


i love so much. from bottom of my heart. till then, you just using me. for what? damn you! i should not trust you from the beginning. from the day that i started to fall in love with you. stupid me.

but still.. i cant forget about you. not even a second. what on earth that you give it to me??

till then.. i still... i still waiting for you answering my call.

love me.

Maafkan Penggunaan Kata 'Aku' Pada Mereka Yang Lebih Berumur

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To You :) I Suppose..


It is so frustating knowing it.. 
Made me..
Keep wondering..
so lucky of her...
ooooo... i wonder if someday we could ever met..
just like in my dream..
even if it only for a moment..
and even though.. 
I know it will not ever going to happen..

I pray the best for both of you..:)
Happy 16th of Ramadhan..
and to you..:) (as if you read it.. if... ONLY)

sorry.english terabor. OME!!!

Maafkan Penggunaan Kata 'Aku' Pada Mereka Yang Lebih Berumur